24 Hours Le Mans Race Poster

24 hours le mans, poster

Les 24 heures du mans poster, vintage picturesinking_brush_sperator_88thcoHow I got to Love Racing:

Since a young age, I’ve always enjoyed watching car races. I fell into it, thanks to the French comic book Michel Vaillant. I received my first comic book on my birthday (Michel Vaillant: le Caid de Francorchamps) and I fell in love! Jean Graton, the author behind the Michel Vaillant, was extremely helpful at explaining F1 racing with extremely detailed drawings. It was like reading an F1 illustrated dictionary. I owe him my love for the sport and for cars in general. Even if, I loved cars thanks my brothers, this comic book changed my entire vision around the car industry.

Michel Vaillant - Le Pilote Sans Visage - PL30 Jean Graton

from 2dgalleries.com

Later on, I had the chance to buy the vintage versions of Michel Vaillant, which had classic cars racing legendary races such as : Indianapolis, the Monaco Grand Prix, the 24 hours Le Mans and so on. I loved how Jean Graton explained the technical side behind the races: car design, engineering, testing, secrecy, journalism, rivalry, friendship and much more. It was even more interesting, to see it in a classic 1950’s context. There wasn’t a computer around to help figure out if the car had the perfect shape to gain a few second in a race. It was all hand work, math and great engineering! Michel Vaillant had inspired me a great deal, to design the 24 Hours Le Mans Race poster. Finally, I was also inspired by vintage posters from the 1920’s and 30’s to design my own work.

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The work process is always the same (for more check my About page): I sketch, scan into Adobe Illustrator and print. I go back and forth until things are the way I want. Finally, I print again and ink the art piece, to later scan again into Photoshop.




Les 24 heures du mans poster, inking

After hours of works, even days, I always finish with several versions of the original work.

24 hours le mans, poster

24 hours le mans, poster

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