88th Company Is On YouTube!

88th Company on Youtube

I have finally joined YouTube! It was my number one resolution for 2019. I can scratch that from my bucket list! I have to especially thank Nick from History Secrets. As I emailed him for some advice, he told me that YouTube would be great to show case my art. So here I am! Please subscribe and I hope the content will always be great! I will try my best! Since I’m just starting, I will ask you to be more patient! But I have tons of ideas! So Stay tuned!

The intro took me around two weeks to make on After Effects! I love AF! I had a class in college, but when I used it for this project, I was really rusty! I had to remember everything…But in order to do that, I went back to my favorite website called: Video Copilot¬† and did a full review. I learned all my tricks thanks to Andrew Kramer! I think he’s the funnest teacher that I ever had on YouTube. Thanks to Video Copilot, I did my school projects and my entire thesis! When I look back, it looks a bit funny, but I can clearly remember how long it took to make everything look awesome! So if you want to learn After Effects, please visit Video Copilot! Andrew is simply one of my few online heroes!

My plan is to record and show full speedup videos of me painting or working on Adobe Illustrator. I think it could be very helpful to many new designers who are trying to get inspired or learn from my experience.

Please stay tuned for more! Until next time, I ride my B-17 and fly through the skies!

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