Two Current Projects

skytrain Dick cole, Hairless joe

The Custom Painted Bag

Through my instagram I have the chance to meet incredible people, with the same passion, from around the world! I connected with John, aka @papanuisay, to ask for some help to advertise my work. He kindly accepted by sending me a vintage military cotton bag to customize.

John wants a P-61 Black Widow flying by might under a full moon. So I did a very quick sketch/mockup on photoshop to help him visualize my idea:

My progress so far:

The light is a little off on the picture, because I can’t move the piece where I can take a well light picture. But so far so good! I will keep you posted when I’m done!

The “Hairless Joe” Project For Aircorps Aviations

This project is dear to my heart, because of the historical importance of the “Hairless Joe” and its hero pilot Lt Dick Cole.

However, this project is 100% classified until it is finished and presented to my client. So until then, please stay tuned! I can only say, it will be a beautiful piece of design!

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