P-61 Black Widow Custom Canvas Bag for Papanuisays

P-61 Black Widow Custom bag for papanuisays

I’m so happy to have finally finished the P-61 Black Widow canvas bag for Papanuisays. It was an incredible two weeks marathon of hard working through different project at the same time. This was a great experience for me on how to deal with time management, which is never easy for an artist.

Here’s my speed up painting process on video:

I loved working on every single detail. I had to think hard about the light source and how it was affecting the piece. It had to have a bit of drama.

Once I had finished the bag, I had to start making the package for the bag. I love to work on customizing my own packaging, because it makes every piece personal and unique for every single client. With time, I have developed my own technique, by using a normal paper bag and develop it into a special package:

I always ink my packages by hand with China Ink.
IMG_821388th company packaging, DIY, seal wax
I always use a wax seal to close my packages, to make sure that the client knows, that no one opened it. It makes it totally special and so personal! I love using wax! I use an aviator pin as a seal.

Here are a few photos of the P-61 Black Widow Custom Bag:

P-61 Black Widow Custom bag for papanuisays
P-61 Black Widow Custom bag for papanuisays

I hope you enjoy this beautiful project as much I do. For more info on John and his brand Papanuisays, please visit his beautiful cap store.

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