I’ve had this idea for a while to create a small collection of items around the USAAF. I designed the tee and now comes the hand painted bag.

Why The USAAF?

The USAAF is a source of great inspiration through my entire work. So, it felt only natural to create my own design on this incredible section of the military from WW2.

I always start on Adobe Illustrator, where I made my own version of the USAAF logo and I also designed the stencils. I later traced them on the laundry/barracks bag.

WW2 USAAF, Hand Painted US Army Air Forces, Laundry Bag

This bag took me a week to paint. If you’re interested in knowing what type of paint I use, please check my previous post.

If you’re interested in buying this bag, please visit my Etsy store:

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