B-24 Liberator Organic Tote Bag

I’m sorry for not posting in a while. I have been swamped with different projects from all directions. But I’m super blessed with all the new opportunities that I currently have.


I have been working with Printful (on Demand printing service) for a year now, but they unfortunately don’t offer any tote bags or pouches. So I went to their competitors Printify and found what I was searching for. However, I was a little worried about their Digital Printing quality, so, I ordered two samples: one tote bag and one pouch (I will post about the pouch on a different post).

The Result

I’m extremely happy with the quality that Printify offers. They are super helpful and fast. I also like the fact that the items I picked is made in the USA. It gives it an extra seal of quality!

WW2 B-24 Bomber, Jolly Roger Unisex Shoulder Tote Bag - Roomy

As you can see, the ink texture has well transferred to the fabric, which is exactly what I was looking for. It looks like it was hand inked, which is simply incredible.

If you’re interested in buying this beauty, please check my link below. The bag is only $25. I hope you will like carrying it, as much as I do.

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