New Rugged Collection Coming in August

USN Seabees Bag

I’m really happy to talk about 88th Company new rugged collection! It will be available after August, because I will be on vacation for a much needed rest! But I will use my time off to keep a drawing journal on my iPad (to see my journal follow me on Instagram).

What I learned on the Etsy Market

Through my sale experience on my Etsy Shop, I’ve learned valuable information on my target market. At the the start, I didn’t know much about selling vintage clothing, but now I have a clearer idea on what sells and what don’t sell. If you’re new on Etsy, take your time to learn about your target market and making mistakes is part of the job! I made tones of mistakes and understood so many things, that it would need its own blog post.

88th Company Etsy Shop screenshot

While on Vacation, My Etsy Shop Will Be Half Active

First, since I’m going on vacation for the whole month of July, my Etsy Shop will only carry its made to order items. All the rest will be paused until my return in August.

Going on Vacation, image from
Time for me to chilax!

My Goals For my New August Rugged Collection :

1. Bundles

I’m planning to create unique customizable bundles. For example with a flying jacket you will get a unique USAAF hand printed t-shirt, to make the deal sweeter! My goal is to give the vintage items a great new home by adding an exclusive tee.

88th Company USMC bundle sweatshirt and pants.
Sold USMC Bundle.

2. Custom Jobs with Stencils a True Rugged Collection!

I have been thinking about customizable items for a while, but I haven’t found the correct formula until lately. I will offer a variation of stencils to customize any blank coveralls or jackets. You have the power to customize it, the way you want it!

88th Company, ww2 US ARMY Original stencil
My first US ARMY Stencil try
WW2 US Army Stencil, by 88th Company
88th Company, ww2 Seabees Original stencil
My Original Seabees Stencil

3. Hand Painted Leather Patches

I’ve always wanted to offer hand painted leather patches for my rugged collection, but due to a previous bad experience, I was terrified to paint on leather. I love to paint on fabric canvas, because it’s so manageable. However, I did dive into leather and the result came out better than I expected. I know that with more experience, I will learn to paint on leather like I do on canvas. But it will take many mistakes to get the level I want.

4. Rugged Hand Printed T-Shirts

I love buying unique items, because I feel like they have more soul! I know that I’m selling made to print items on my store, but it’s because I didn’t have much of a choice. But now, I’m slowly moving the t-shirt production to me, to offer you exclusive hand printed t-shirts.

They will be more expensive than the usual t-shirt, because it take around three days to print one tee. But the result is worth the price!

Of course, I will put these t-shirts in beautiful packagings.

5. Bags, Bags, and more Bags!

88th Co. was born through bags, so it only feels natural to add more rugged bags on my Etsy Shop! But the bags that are coming in August are a little more advanced than I used to have: original hand painting, stencils paint, leather patches and a hand printed t-shirt too. With time I will add even more things.

6. Customized Coveralls

I had the chance to find a great vintage coveralls wholesaler, so I decided to recycle them into new beautifully rugged items. But the coveralls with historical value, will stay as they are.

7. YouTube Videos

It’s not a secret that I have joined Youtube a few months ago, but it was extremely hard to keep up with. My goal is to do one video every 3 weeks. It will give me enough time for content and editing, which is super time consuming. My next video will be about the making of the Seabees bag.

88th Company ww2 decorated Studio
My little Studio Heaven!

8. Styling and Outfits

I have been thinking a great deal on how to make the perfect inspirational outfits photos. My problem is buying a super beautiful/rugged styled mannequin, but they are super expensive. So I will be searching for used ones to better illustrate my items. I will also be investing in extra bulbs to get more lights in my dark studio.

My goal is to post once a month a styling/outfit post on all my social medias (Instagram and Pinterest). But I will explain my styling deeper on my blog, here.

88th company ww2 USAAF t-shirt outfit

9. Blog Posting

This blog post today, is helpful to me and to you, because I’m making a promise to you to reach these goals every month, but it also helps you see how I work.

My goal is to post a blog post every single week. But if I find it difficult, I will lower my goal at two posts per month.

88th Company, typewriter, image from

What Makes my Work Slower and Annoys Me the Most!

Being an Etsy Seller is a blessing, but a few things make my work load move slower:

  1. Taking pictures and editing them is time consuming! It is the longest and hardest thing to do, especially if your items are large like coveralls.
  2. Measuring clothes is super annoying.
  3. Writing a description is also annoying, because you can’t forget anything. Even if I do copy and past most of my listings, it’s still a pain in the butt!
  4. Finally, setting prices and all the options for the sale. I have to do a lot of research on correctly pricing vintage items, so it is very time consuming too!
  5. Shipping is fun, I don’t mind it!

Anything time consuming makes all my creative work and process slower, which deeply annoys me! My final goal is to look at these issues and find a global solution!


I hope you’ve learned a lot and I also hope that you’re excited with the future of 88th Co. There’s a lot to do and I hope to find someone who can actually help me push this business forward. But I know, if I’m more organized and disciplined a lot of these problems will disappear and growth will come naturally!

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask and please subscribe! The more you do, the more motivated I get to post articles like these! It’s always nice to know that someone is reading. 🙂

Thanks again,


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