WW2 Seabees Bag, US Navy, Now Available!

88th company, ww2 hand painted, US Navy Seabees bag

The US Navy, WW2 Seabees bag is finally available for sale on my 88th Co. online shop or Etsy Store.

As an inspiration, I used this beautiful vintage USN Seabees poster (image below). However, I enlarged the bee on top of the crest to make it pop.

Image result for ww2 seabees logo

The Canvas for the Seabees Bag

I always pay close attention to where I get my bags. But for this particular project, I had to find the perfect bag. I was lucky to find this made in Japan, 100% cotton, indigo bag. I of course washed it and iron it. Finally, I traced my designs in white pencil to make sure that everything was correct and centered.

Long Work Process

Due to the large amount of details on the bee, it took about two weeks to finish the WW2 Seabees bag. I also modified the original design to make it more realistic. To do so, I added shadows and light reflection.

If you’re curious about what paint I use for my, please visit my craftsmanship page.

Stencil Design

I felt that it was important to create a stencil with the correct Seabees font. Therefore, I got into Adobe Illustrator and made one.

ww2 Seabees stencil

Custom Seabees Packaging

It is only natural to design a custom packaging for this beautiful bag. I have painted a recycled paper box in grey (like a US navy box). Moreover, I have painted it to look weathered.

Most importantly, this WW2 Seabees Duffle Bag is a one of kind art piece.

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