About Me

88th Company was born in 2013 in Philadelphia. After hating my job in corporate design, I founded 88th Company to follow my passion for military design. Today, I’m currently building 88th Co. in Dubai. It will take time, but with all your help and purchases, I should get there very soon!

Why 88th Company?

Many things inspired me to choose the number 88. First, I really love the mighty’s 8th emblem and their incredible stories. Second, I think the number 8 is a cool design on its own. It has many different meaning to people, such as infinity and so on, but for me they are an homage to my two brothers who have been super supportive!

Who am I?

My name is Sonia T., I’m artist and designer  with a very big passion for the WWI, WWII era and everything old and historical. For years I couldn’t find a way to really express it. Yes, I did collect vintage posters, militaria items and so on, but that wasn’t enough for me! I had to draw it, create it and make it into something! So 88th Company became my canvas.

To check my latest creation, please follow me on Instagram.

Want to Hire me and 88th Co.?

(Due to large amount of work, my hiring could take a little time)

I give free quotes for every special project you have in mind. Simply use the contact page and explain what your great ideas is and I will answer as soon as I can.

Please understand that I do not accept any offensive, political or religious art work. My goal is to simply celebrate moments in history or tell a fictional story inspired by military stories/uniforms/designs, automotive or anything vintage and beautiful. Like many artists before me, my interest lies in story telling, with charm, heroism and love for engineering wonders (cars, airplanes, ships and so on). Thanks for understanding.

My Areas of expertise:

Graphic design (apparel & branding)


Hand painted graphics

Vector Graphics

Digital Painting

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