The Story of 88th Company

In 2013, 88th Company was born in Philadelphia out of passion for military design. I started by hand painting vintage bags with a deep rugged style inspired by WWI and WWII. At that time, my bags were so unique, that they caught the eyes of Ralph Laurent stylists, who purchased them as inspirational pieces. Few years later, I expanded 88th Company by remastering jackets and selling rare vintage militaria pieces. 88th Company is committed into giving you a one of kind handmade piece by using the best tools, leather, fabric, mediums and natural dyes for the most authentic distressed look. 

Why 88th?

Many things inspired me to choose the 88 number. First, I really love the mighty’s 8th emblem and their incredible stories. Second, I think the number 8 is a cool design on its own. It has many different meaning to people, such as infinity and so on, but for me it’s an homage to my two brothers and mom who have been supportive into making 88th Company a reality!

The Artist Behind 88th Company

My name is Sonia T., I have been an artist and designer for over 10 years. Since, a little girl, I have been obsessed with history, vintage clothes, old furniture and military relics. So much so, that I wanted to become an archeologist. But with time, my artistic side took over and the rest is history.

In 2013, I decided to take a leap of faith, by making 88th Company my canvas to express my passion for military history from WWI and WWII. Finally, I also share a deep love for rugged fashion, aviation, cars, vintage interior design and collecting military relics.

88th Company, Is A Family Affair

88th Company won’t be running without the help of key essentiel members. We are a division of 6 people, with specific titles and tasks. First, I do all the design process and painting for all my projects. Second, my two brothers are my marketing, social media, branding and financial advisers. Third, my mother, an artist too, is our master sewer. Finally, I have close friends helping me with shipping and finding the perfect vintage clothes for my work. 88th Company won’t be complete without them! We are all a family with a passion for history, vintage design, fashion, art and outstanding service!

Sonia T.
Founder, Painter & Designer

Sam T.
Marketing Manager & Brand Adviser
Financial Adviser for 88th Company
Nasser T.
Financial Adviser

Sewing and embroidery master
Misses Saber
Sewing and Embroidery Master
Moh C.
Shipping and Handling
Fateh B.
Vintage clothing & Relic Spotter/Supplier

Inspiration Through Relics

Inspiration is the fuel of my creativity. I watch documentary, movies, read books and magazines to get as much details as I can about a specific period or uniform. But the best way to learn about anything, is to have the chance to touch it! This is why, since high school, I have started to collect militaria. My first relic was a Russian medal from WWII, I still have it and keep wondering about the story behind it. Relics are amazing gateway to the past, but they also are fantastic triggers to imagination. For this reason, I love to collect anything historical or anything I find interesting. It’s all about the story the relics went through. Who made it, who wore it, who use it? It’s simply fascinating!

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