88th Company Luxury Craftsmanship

Luxury Craftsmanship is the heart and soul of 88th Company. I, Sonia, as the artist and founder, do all the painting, designing, dyeing and aging by hand. 88th Company is all about transforming anything into a historical one of a kind art piece.


The Art of Time

We live in a world where mass production is the main answer to serve the masses. But recently, many people have been going against the stream by recycling vintage clothing and wearing handmade clothes with soul. Therefore, this is what motivated me to follow my passion by transforming vintage military items into art pieces. The work time I spend as an artist, can take over two weeks to finish a project. A great amount of time is key to create art that has a story, a soul and high details. I value time and use it wisely to paint a piece that you will wear with pride!

88th company atelier

Luxury Craftsmanship for The Bags

Before the painting starts, I choose the best canvas for my paint. I always paint on cotton; it is the best canvas for a long-lasting design. Second, I start doing research on the subject that I have chosen for the bag. It can take two to three days to get all my details ready. Third, I do a quick mockup to get an idea of how the bag will look like. Once I’m satisfied with the result, I start the painting process.

I always start by mixing my colors first, because it helps me move faster through the painting. The process for one bag can take one to two weeks.

Moreover, I make my own stencils for each bag. For example, if I need a specific name of USAAF base location, I will design the vector on Adobe Illustrator, transfer it to my cutting machine and paint it on the bag.

For each project, I use all my years of experience to create a unique art piece that celebrates craftsmanship and history.

High Quality Mediums

I only use the best brands on the market for a lifetime print with vivid colors. These are my favorite mediums:

  1. Since 2013, 88th Company started thanks to Speedball paint. I only use it on cotton and polyester.
  2. Sometimes, I also use Pebeo’s fabric markers for extra details.
  3. For all my leather paintings, I use the famous Angelus Paint.
88th company stamps

Luxury Craftsmanship for The Vintage Military T-Shirts

In my various research and documentation from ww2, military t-shirts from WW2 were never perfectly clean or white. They showed signs of sweat, elements exposure and wear. My goal is to mimic that by giving the shirt a soul! To make it even more authentic and comfortable for you, I used natural dyes such as curry powder and coffee. And for extra staining effect, I also use water-based paint for fabric.
The dyeing process takes between 2 to 3 days to be completed, but the result is worth the wait.

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Hand Printing Method

This t-shirt is 100% hand printed. It takes a couple of hours to a day to finish the printing of one t-shirt.
To apply the paint on the shirt, I use my custom made stencils, Speedball paint and a pastel brush. Each t-shirt is unique! The stroke of the brush can’t be copied and pasted on each t-shirt. Each one has its own unique finish.
You’re getting an art piece, that no machine can reproduce.

Hand Distressing Method

Distressing is a long process that can take 2 to 3 days to finish. Each section of the shirt is carefully distressed with various type of tools such as: sand paper, paint, x-acto knifes, metal brushes, razors and bleach.

Hand Painted Packaging Method

Packaging is the last and most important part of the design process. Since all my items are all hand painted, it’s only natural to have the same method applied to its packaging.
On a beautiful large brown bag, I spray paint the 88th Company logo on a custom stencil. After inserting the custom item inside the bag, it is folded and closed with a vintage twine string. Finally, like a top secret letter, the string knot is sealed with a custom wax seal.


Each one of kind piece will come with a certificate personally signed by me and with its serial number. It is a proof that your item is a unique art piece, that no one will ever have! The certificate itself is hand aged and your name your will be written by hand in Japanese ink. 88th Company goes the extra mile to give you the most personally customized service.

Exclusive One of A Kind

This is the package that you will receive for each item you order from 88th Company. Again, it’s all about exclusivity and handmade work!

88th company custom packaging
88th company custom packaging
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