USN vintage custom coveralls
US Navy Coveralls, Felix the cat VF3
US Navy Coveralls, Felix the cat VF3
US Navy Coveralls, Felix the cat VF3
US Navy Coveralls, Felix the cat VF3
US Navy Coveralls, Felix the cat VF3
US Navy Coveralls, Felix the cat VF3
US Navy Coveralls, Felix the cat VF3
US Navy Coveralls, Felix the cat VF3
US Navy Coveralls, Felix the cat VF3
US Navy Coveralls, Felix the cat VF3

Custom WW2 United States Navy coveralls


This custom WW2 United States Navy coveralls is an original art piece. I found this beautiful United States Navy coveralls in the thrift shop. But to make it more interesting, I first applied the Felix the Cat stencil on the back. Second, I hand painted a Felix the cat/VF3 leather patch and sewed it in the front. Finally, I aged both designs by using sand paper.
This custom WW2 US Navy Coveralls has a few holes on the top of the right pocket (please check the pictures). Otherwise it’s in great condition. If you want to look cool in a unique military vintage style coveralls, this is the piece to pick!
The coveralls was made in 1998 (number available on the tag, please check pictures)

88th company, original ww2 Felix the cat

Painting Method for the Coveralls

I do hand paint everything myself. It does take many hours to research, draw, paint and heat press the design on the fabric. Moreover, for inspiration, I constantly study soldiers’ paintings on duffel bags and leather jackets. They are a great source of inspiration.


First, I do spend many hours on these unique coveralls and I do all the painting by hand. Second, the process is long. Depending on the details, it takes between one to two weeks to finish one item. Third, I design all my stencils myself, which does take a few hours


It’s preferable that you don’t wash you coverall, because of the leather patch. If you do stain it, just use a wet cloth (with soft detergent) and gently rub it. It should be ok!

An Original United States Navy Coveralls

To have this particular coveralls in your wardrobe adds value to any style. It’s nice to be unique, but it’s also nicer to own an art piece that celebrates WW2’s history. If you are interested in a blank coveralls please check this Vintage Mechanic Coveralls.


The US Navy coveralls will be packed in a beautiful handmade packaging. Each item gets the best care in the world in order to reach you.


Size and Measurements:

US Size: 38 Regular, US: M.


Chest: 20.47 in /52cm.
Shoulder: 16.73 in/ 42.5 cm.
Sleeves: 23.22 in/ 59 cm.
Length top: 18.89 in/48 cm
Pants Length from center: 39.17 in/99.5cm
Full length (from top to bottom): 58.26in/148 cm

If you have more questions about the size and measurements, feel free to contact me anytime.

SHIPPING VERY IMPORTANT: Customs fees may apply, please read :

I ship all my items through DHL express from the other side of the planet. So be advised, that your country’s customs may charge you a fee for the package. I ship for free, but sometimes I cannot control the fee. But to avoid any expenses on your side, I make sure to put a low value on the package.

Return Policy

For now I do not accept returns for a very simple reason: international shipping is very expensive. If you want to return an item to me, it will cost you around $70 to $100 Dollars. Or it will take a month for it to get back to me, which is very painful for you and for me. However, I will do my absolute best to help you out before the purchase! Please feel free to contact me anytime. I answer very quickly and will try my very best to help you out! My goal is for you to 100% satisfied!


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