US Navy Peacoat & Vintage US Navy T-shirt
back of the peacoat
Peacoat buttons
Peacoat pocket
Peacoat pocket
Inner of the Peacoat
Peacoat sleeve
Peacoat sleeve
Peacoat buttons
Peacoat pocket
Peacoat pocket
peacoat collar
made in usa schott peacoat label
Peacoat Inner pocket
made in usa schott peacoat label
Vintage US navy t-shirt
Vintage US navy t-shirt
Vintage US navy t-shirt
vintage us navy contract label

Vintage Military Bundle: US Navy Peacoat 740N & Vintage T-Shirt


This vintage military bundle includes US Navy Schott Peacoat 740N & Vintage US Navy T-Shirt. This vintage military bundle is exclusively available on 88th Company online Shop.

About the Peacoat

The famous Schott NYC has manufactured this beautiful vintage The US Navy 740N Peacoat. It’s in good condition, but has some sign of wear. But, as you know, for a rugged style, this a must have!

The peacoat is made in the USA.

If you have any questions about this exclusive military bundle, please contact me anytime.

About the Vintage US Navy T-shirt

Hand Dyeing:

In my various research and documentation, during ww2 combat operation, military t-shirts from WW2 were never perfectly clean or white. They showed signs of sweat, elements exposure and wear. My goal is to mimic that by giving the shirt a soul! In order to make to make it even more authentic and comfortable for you, I used natural dyes such as curry powder and coffee. And for extra staining effect, I also use water based paint for fabric.
The dyeing process takes between 2 to 3 days, but the result is worth the wait.

Hand Printing:

This t-shirt is 100% hand printed. It takes a couple of hours to a day to finish the printing for one t-shirt.
To apply the paint on the shirt, I use my custom made stencils, Speedball paint and a pastel brush. Each t-shirt is unique! The stroke of the brush is unique on each shirt. Each one has its own unique finish.
You’re getting an art piece, that no machine can reproduce.



About the Peacoat

Size: Medium or 38
Sleeve: 60 cm/23.62"
Brand: Schott, Made In the USA
The tag has the name of the soldier on the tag as well (check photo)
Year: Around the 1990s or before.

About the Hand Printed t-Shirt

Size: medium
Composition: 100% cotton, lightweight, 165g

SHIPPING VERY IMPORTANT: Customs fees may apply, please read :

I ship all my items through DHL express from the other side of the planet. So be advised, that your country’s customs may charge you a fee for the package. I ship for free, but sometimes I cannot control the fee. But to avoid any expenses on your side, I make sure to put a low value on the package.

Return Policy

For now I do not accept returns for a very simple reason: international shipping is very expensive. If you want to return an item to me, it will cost you around $70 to $100 Dollars. Or it will take a month for it to get back to me, which is very painful for you and for me. However, I will do my absolute best to help you out before the purchase! Please feel free to contact me anytime. I answer very quickly and will try my very best to help you out! My goal is for you to 100% satisfied!


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